Women-Owned Wednesday Ft: BlushN’Grey Boutique

I think as a woman today, it is incredibly important to lift up other women around me and let them know when they are absolutely killing it – That being said, I’ll be highlighting a local women-owned business every other Wednesday going forward and letting you know all the best places to go for all the things I love, as I’m sure you will too.

Owner, Ashley Biederman

First up is BlushN’Grey Boutique, located in downtown Miamisburg at 36 S Main St. Owned and run by Ashley Biederman – They sell boutique style fashion apparel, mainly from California, as well as fashion accessories such as jewelry and bags, with some personal & decor items such as tumblers and candles! I don’t know a single woman who has even been like “No, please don’t tell me where to get super cute clothes locally.” I mean, have you seen their clothes and accessories? Nearly every time I check their website or see something posted in their VIP Facebook group (which you should absolutely be a part of), I’m like “oh my gosh, take my money!

Photo Credit: BlushN’Grey Boutique

I love hearing how people get started, and I think it’s important to know were the idea of something so many people love came from. I asked Ashley what made her want to start her own business and she said, “Honestly, I’ve always been involved in some type of business, but building one from the ground up was an adventure that seemed out of reach. I spent months at my kitchen table dreaming of BlushN’Grey Boutique and one day just decided to go for it. Something to the tune of “building the wings while you’re flying the plane” ensued. I fell in love with seeing women in the pieces I had picked & having the platform to change how they felt about themselves. When the storefront opportunity arose in my hometown of Miamisburg, OH, it was a no-brainer to widen that platform!”

“Life is our playground and we, as women, have so much to offer in this world! Whatever your idea may be, research it, love it, and GO for it. As cliche as it might sound, you can do anything you put your mind to, and there’s no time like now!”

– Ashley Biederman, on any other women looking to start their own business
Photo Credit: BlushN’Grey Boutique

“I truly love building relationships with my customers and I have learned so much about life as a business owner in general. It’s empowering as a woman to be able to reach other women in a position to build their closets, their confidence, and their presence in the world. Maybe even inspiring others to do the same!” I absolutely LOVED this. I have to say, knowing WHO you’re shopping with is so important, and knowing that they care about every single one of their customers is amazing! That, my friends, is how you run a successful business, by making everything about your customers – Ashley is definitely doing that right!

Upcoming Events at BlushNGrey:

Every 3rd Thursday of each month, they do a “Sip & Shop” where they provide delicious sangria for customers while they see what’s new in store!
Thursday, May 16th: Shop Local Day
Saturday & Sunday, May 18th-19th: Miamisburg’s Spring Fest
Saturday & Sunday, June 15th-16th: Happy Birthday BlushN’Grey Event

If you haven’t already followed them on social media, you can follow the links below, and while you’re at it, check out all the goodies they’ve got either in-store or on their website!


Have you shopped here before? Leave a comment below and tell us what you purchased and let everyone know how awesome they were!