Episodes For When You Need a Good Cry

Sometimes, life gets a little complicated, and all you want is to come home and have yourself a good, solid cry – amiright? Well you’re in luck, I am the queen at crying over any emotional situation on television and I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorites that really get the waterworks going. There’s a little something for everyone in here, as I know some people aren’t completely into the soapy, sappy dramatic shows – Even “The Office” has made me cry a time or two. Settle in with some wine, some snacks and your biggest box of tissues, some of these are a real doozy.

Disclaimer: If you haven’t watched these specific shows, there may or may not be spoilers ahead, consider yourself warned. Although, if you didn’t know that Derek Shepherd died in Grey’s Anatomy, I want to know what rock you live under. I’m also going to preface this entire list with, if you ever hear Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” at ANY point when watching a Grey’s episode, grab your tissue box – someone you’re emotionally attached to is about to die.

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 11: Episode 21 “How To Save A Life”
This one had me sitting on our living room floor sobbing, granted I had had a glass of wine prior, nonetheless – I was LOSING it. I loved Derek and Meredith together, his death absolutely crushed me. The flashbacks, the post-it note , and then Meredith says, “Derek, it’s okay. You go. We will be fine.” Jesus. Take. The. Wheel.

Friends – Season 10: Epsiode 18 “The Last One”
First of all, this entire series was an incredible rollercoaster of drama whether we realized it or not but this episode really pulls at those ol’ heart strings for a number of reasons. Talk about tears, seeing all their keys on the counter. Second of all, FINALLY! We all knew it was bound to happen, but why the heck did it take until the LAST episode? I still have so many questions.

The Office – Season 5: Episode 1 “Weight Loss”
I don’t care if you’ve seen one episode, all the episodes or no episodes – you know all about the connection between Jim and Pam, whether its from memes, articles or just plain observation. Those of us who are invested waited FIVE seasons for this to actually happen, and it is about time. This episode, unlike most of the rest of the list, gives you some serious happy feels. Talk about romantic – Proposing in the pouring down rain, I mean come on.

Fresh Prince – Season 4: Episode 24 “Papa’s Got a Brand New Excuse”
For a show that typically had people rolling with laughter, there were a few episodes that got me going at some point but this one was REAL. This one was absolutely heartbreaking to watch – When he says, “How come he don’t want me man?” cue alllllll of the tears. Ever wanted to reach through the TV and hug someone? I don’t know a single person who has seen this episode that didn’t want to right at that moment.

Grey’s Anatomy – Season 8: Episode 24 “Flight”
Well if the one where Derek dies doesn’t get you, this episode was obviously a few seasons prior and LORD it is full of reasons to cry. Starts off pretty action packed and then BAM! – everyone is falling apart. I hope you weren’t in love with any particular characters because that’s about to all blow up in your face. 10/10 you will cry more than once.

How I Met Your Mother – Season 6: Episode 13 “Bad News”
This is such a great show, so many good laughs – Side note: I honestly had never watched it until my husband mentioned it multiple while we were dating, but I’ve been watching it on and off every so often and once I saw this episode – it hit me like a freight train. You’re gonna cry, even if you don’t have much back story, but I’ll give you a quick rundown. Marshall and Lily are struggling with infertility and Barney, blonde guy, doesn’t have a great relationship with his dad and well, events in this episode spark a change in that. “I only like to call my dad good news, telling him good news is what makes it feel real to me.” I’m. Sobbing.

Glee – Season 5: Episode 3 “The Quarterback”
Following the tragic death of on of their stars Cory Monteith, the cast put together this beautiful episode in remembrance of the beloved character. Raw, real emotion in this one – if you don’t cry, you either didn’t watch any of the show, or your heart isn’t made of the same mush that mine is. I’m typically not a huge fan of the shows with sing song, beebop things going on (kindof like that one episode of Grey’s where everyone awkwardly bursts into song at different points throughout the episode – super weird) but this show really did a good job incorporating the story line with music that fit and actually got you more intrigued in the show.

Son’s of Anarchy – Season 5: Episode 3 “Laying Pipe”
I watched this show a long time ago and I don’t actually think I ever finished the series, but I certainly remember this episode. This one is really only going to make sense to people that have really grown to love certain characters – but nonetheless, if you know anything about SOA, this one is gonna hurt like hell. Especially when you hear, “I got this.”

The Office – Season 7: Episode 22 “Goodbye, Michael”
Again, everyone knows that Michael Scott is a giant goofball but he also has a serious soft side, which is shown in a few other episodes, like when he shows up at Pam’s art show and says “I’m proud of you.” Naturally, I cried then too. In the goodbye episode, the gifts he gets everyone are incredibly awkward and somewhat inappropriate, which makes it so much funnier and then you realize he legitimately believes the things he says in typical Michael Scott fashion. “You should never settle for who you are.”

Game of Thrones – Season 3: Episode 9 “The Rains of Castamere”
I’m sure you’ve seen this one (Also referred to as the Red Wedding), but it’s a good one for an intense cry. Yet another show where you cannot get attached to anyone. My brother in law really enjoyed this show, so we decided to give it a shot and blew through the entire series in a matter of weeks (no shame). The entire series is pretty intense, as I’m sure most of you know but THIS episode? This one takes the cake – I was so mad too because honestly, the start is so happy with the food and dancing and carrying on. The complete disarray and demolition of almost an entire family name. “The Lannisters send their regards.” I can’t even begin to describe the emotions and not to mention, the silence when the credits roll just make it even more eerie.

Happy crying session – And if your favorite show was left out, recommend it and I’ll happily watch it! Have any particular favorites? Comment below!