Women-Owned Wednesday Ft: Dayton Bartending Co

We’re finally back with Women-Owned Wednesday and I could not be more excited about this one. These two girls hold a special place in my heart – I’ve said it many times before that I started real estate to help me make friends (or force people to be my friend, haven’t decided which)… Prime example right here. They have both supported me in my career and I feel it is only right to shout from the rooftops how proud I am of them in theirs, too!

Charlotte started Dayton Bartending Co in September of 2020 – Kaetlyne was the first employee which made her the head bartender of DBC. With their small business growing as fast as it has and with it’s continued success, they decided to turn this into a partnership and have just announced that they are expanding into Columbus with ANOTHER little surprise on the way – and no, they aren’t talking about babies, according to them, “we have enough between the both of us!”

So what is Dayton Bartending Co? Well – “At DBC and CBC, we bring the best of the best to any wedding or private event to service the bar! We can do the simple things such as opening beer cans & serving soda to adding the decorative touches to the bar area and even signature drinks!” So essentially, if you’re having some sort of event and you haven’t contacted my girls yet, I strongly suggest that you do so you’ve got an incredible staff to help make your party that much better – Maybe I can convince Ryan to have another wedding, you know, so we can show you off there as well!

“We LOVE what we do! Starting this business was really a no brainer on both ends because of our backgrounds in the bartending industry for so long! We get to meet so many people during the events and work with the best brides/grooms which makes it so easy when it’s time for their wedding to take place!”

I always make it a point to ask my W.O.W. ladies who inspires them and I certainly wasn’t surprised by this answer (These two girls care so much about their families, its inspiring in itself.. I’m not crying, you’re crying) – They both said, “Our biggest inspirations in life are the women that are in ours everyday and our babies. We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for any of them. Between the two of us we have five kids and are both stay at home moms. Deciding to start our own business has been a blessing because it still allows us to be a mom first.” I love this! I think its extremely important that as women (really anyone, honestly), we should never have to choose between your family or your career. What better way to ensure you can have a work life balance than to create your own business, and do something you love in the process!

So you’re thinking about taking the leap and starting your own business – Or maybe you’re just feeling a little stuck where you are right now and you want a change of scenery. Here’s what Kaetlyne and Charlotte have to say to anyone feeling this way, “DO IT! It’s scary at first because of so many “what if’s” or what if people don’t believe in my product, but us girls stick together! We both wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our friends and families. Get your game plan, do some research, don’t be afraid to ask questions, & love what you do!” If you weren’t already convinced at how incredible these two are, there you have it.

If you’re not planning or hosting an upcoming event where you’ll need a bartender, be sure to head over to their Facebook page (linked below) and pre-order a shirt (or two, like me) as soon as they’re available to support their business and continue to spread their brand. Char and Kaetlyne, I’m so proud of you both for kicking ass and enjoying yourselves while you do so – I cannot WAIT for the reveal of your next project.. I think it’s gonna be quite the adventure for the two of you.

If you haven’t already followed them on social media, you can follow the links below, and while you’re at it, check out all the events they’ve done, their sweet setups and the awesome things to come for them! Check out their website as well to inquire about pricing, packages and booking!

Facebook@DaytonBartendingCo & @ColumbusBartendingCo
WebsiteDayton Bartending Co

If you know of a local women-owned business that you’d like to see featured in the next couple of months, please send me a message or leave a comment so I can check them out too! ❤